It's time to get strategic about scaling your construction business. You need to start with the right guide.
It's time to overcome the challenges in your business and get onto the path to success.
Meet George Martin
With 40 years of experience in the construction and home renovation business, George is your guide to help you succeed.

George Martin understands the struggles of transitioning from being great at a trade to running a successful business.

George came to Canada in 1982 with only $500 to his name and a duffel bag of tools.  Despite the odds, his humble beginnings led him to become one of Vancouver's most successful construction companies.  George has created The Builder’s Blueprint, a success roadmap that guides owners along the proven success path used by him and some of the biggest companies in the construction industry.

George is a Georgie Award winner (not just because of his name!)  and has also served as a past member of the Canadian Home Builder's Association, and past chair of the Canadian Home Builder's Association Renovation Council.

George Designed A Roadmap To Success
It's a proven program that provides a solid foundation for your business.

Our Builder’s Blueprint is the roadmap we’ve developed to give you confidence that what you’re doing is right.  It’s the twelve-point success path that’s proven to take your business to the multimillion-dollar levels you always dreamed of.

The best news is that you have your own coach to lead you through each stage so you’ll never feel alone and overwhelmed again.

Are you ready to scale your construction business?
You don't have to do it alone.

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