Most contractors are so busy working and managing their projects that they don't have time for planning or strategy sessions. 

We all know that running a construction business is difficult.  You can easily burnout.  To succeed, you will need to have a trusted guide to take you to success.

Imagine if you had a coach who knew your industry inside and out;  who could share best practices, lessons learned, and tips & tricks from their own journey.

George Martin & Associates offers an exclusive 1-on-1 coaching program for construction companies seeking success on the path of running a successful construction business.

Our coaching programs include monthly check-ins with your coach by phone or Zoom where we'll discuss your progress towards achieving your goals as well as challenges and opportunities along the way.  George will provide guidance on how to overcome obstacles through decades of experience from his own journey starting out in this industry 25 years ago when he was just like you today!

He has been there... he gets it... and he knows what needs to be done to be successful.

Here's the overview of what you can expect with the Builder's Blueprint, a guide to leading a thriving construction company.