This is the page where you will find the outlines and suggestions for each of the modules of the Builder's Blueprint program. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me directly at GeorgeMartinandAssociates@gmail.com.

Session One
Welcome / Introduction / Inventory


Story of a contractor who had the struggle of running a construction business without it running you into the ground.


What’s the problem that exists:


What you can expect from today’s lesson:


If you get this right, you will experience:

How George solved it with Well Balanced: Came to Canada…built Well Balanced….

What are the 3-5 steps or principles you need to solve it:

  1. Recognize the need
  2. Accept the truth of where you’re at (personally and financially)
  3. Get the right help

Go over the outline of the success path

What will the outcome be for you:

  • You will have a plan to follow
  • You will have accountability
  • You will be on the road to succeeding in life and business


  • Recognize the need
  • Accept the truth of where you’re at (personally and financially)
  • Get the right help


Call To Action

Think through and write down note form answer to the questions
Email the answers to George 24 hours before session two begins