Once you make a plan, it's critical to have the right follow-through.

After you have put in all the effort to make a clear One-Page Business Plan, you don't want to end up with only a piece of paper that is quickly forgotten or ignored.

If you're not using your business plan as a living document, it becomes useless.  Your company is always adjusting to an ever-changing market.  You're changing too.  As you grow your company, you have to make sure sticking to your plan becomes part of your routine.

With the right coaching, you refer back to it regularly.  You'll stay on track, stay focused and achieve the plan.

In this section of the Builder's Blueprint, George helps you create an outline for each section and helps you update your plan regularly as things change within the company.  This way, you can easily see where improvements need to be made or new goals added if necessary.

It also helps keep track of what has been accomplished so far by referring back to previous reports.  This way, when there are bumps in the road as there always are when growing a business, you can look back and be reminded and encouraged by your previous successes.